Fix Kodi Buffering: Try these Working Methods

Kodi buffering is one of the most annoying issues you will encounter while using this app. Though great, we have to admit that it also has its limitations and downsides.

If you constantly experience buffering issue while you are streaming on Kodi, don’t worry! I am sure you are looking for a solution that’s why you are here. And we will not let you leave this page without finding the answer to your problem.

Kodi is buffering… Why?

What if you are in the middle of streaming your favorite movie and suddenly Kodi buffers? It’s is the most frustrating part when you are streaming online. Unless you have downloaded the videos, you are not exempted to this kind of issue.

Most of the time, buffering is not an app’s fault. There are reasons why it happens but they are mostly related to our internet connection.

Kodi relies on internet to stream the videos online. However, that is not the only reason. There are instances that the buffering occurs when Kodi is not updated or might be on your device.

Fortunately, there are many fixes you can try to solve Kodi buffering. Here, I will try to teach you the sinplest and easiest methods I found to fix this common problem on Kodi.

How to Fix Kodi Buffering

Before we proceed to a more complicated solution (which I considered easy), let’s take a look at the most common reason why Kodi buffers.

First: If you are streaming using very limited data, buffering will highly occur. Check your data plan and see if you exceed your allowed usage. In case you are using an unlimited plan, move to the second step.

Second: Check your internet connection. Streaming HD videos requires a fast and stable internet connection. If your internet is running 2 Mbps, it is not suitable to watch HD videos. Go for a much lower quality, 270p or 360p may work.

Third: If you’re using wireless broadband, try to move your device closer to it. Or, move your broadband to an open place where it can get a better signal.

Fourth: If you have wired internet, use LAN when streaming on PC. That is better than having it wireless.

Fifth: Make sure your internet is not overloaded. That just means you have to see how many devices are allowed to connect on your internet. Once you see that you have too much, disconnect other devices that consume the bandwidth.

Sixth: Reboot you internet connection as well as your device. That will somehow work, but you cannot go back to where you left from watching.

What if the problem is not the internet?

Hey! There’s always a solution so don’t make it a big deal. If you did the first method, I presume you are using an older version of Kodi.

Check what version of Kodi you are using. Oftentimes, when you are using an older version of an app, it does not behave well.

To check, go to Kodi’s settings. Under System Information, you can see the version of Kodi your currently using.

Make sure you download the latest version. If not, install the updated kodi.

It’s not yet fixed! What to do?

Uh oh! You have done checking your internet and had the latest version of the app, but Kodi buffering still occurs. This will be the time you need to do some tweaks on Kodi’s cache.

Since Kodi is designed for small devices, it does not use much of cache. So, you need to increase the cache Kodi have to use in order to prevent it from laggin.

On Kodi’s advanced setting, you can apply some coding do the tweaks. Are you worried you can’t do it? I have written it below.

<buffermode> 1 </buffermode>
<readbufferfactor> 1.5 </readbufferfactor>
<cachemembuffersize> 104857600 </cachemembuffersize>

What you need to do is to copy this code and paste it on a Notepad. Save and name it as “advancedsettings.xml.txt”. Make sure you save it using the right file extension, otherwise, it won’t work.

Once you saved the code, place it on Kodi user data folder on your device. That should get rid of the buffering. If not, check the last one.

My Final Words

I hope this tutorial from Vintage Heart helped you fix the Kodi buffering issue you have encountered. I know it’s kinda annoying especially if it happens often. But these methods I have shared will surely fix the issue.

Kindly let me know if buffering still happens even after applying the solutions above so that I can share more useful guide to you.

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